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Handi Foam LogoHandi-Foam® Sound Barrier
Two-Component Foam Kits

Enjoy the Comfort of Quiet with new Handi-Foam® Sound Barrier foam, a low-density, open cell foam meant for use in interior walls that provide sound deadening in a variety of applications. Handi-Foam® Sound Barrier is the ideal solution for home theater and media rooms, playrooms and home offices or any building with common walls, such as apartments, condos and commercial spaces. Designed to cover and fill large voids and surfaces, Handi-Foam® Sound Barrier is easy to apply and will adhere to almost any building material, conforming to and quickly expanding to fill in the surrounding areas.

Handi-Foam® Sound Barrier features many of the same benefits as other two component spray foams - quick cure times, high yields and simple application. Sound Barrier foam has a tack-free cure time of 30-45 seconds, an R-value of 3.7 per inch, achieves a Sound Transmission Class (STC rating of 35 at three inches thickness and conforms to ASTM E-8 as a Class 2 material for flame and smoke. The Sound Barrier product kit includes the patented Handi-Gun® with attached hoses and 8 disposable cone style spray nozzles, so no additional equipment is needed. Due to it's sound absorbing open cell formulation Sound Barrier Foam is not recommended for use in exterior walls as a building insulation. For professional use only.


Item Description
Shipping Weight Cost  

II-250 Handi-Foam® (250 board ft.) w/Handi-Gun® , 9-1/2' Hoses & 8 Nozzles 1 ea. 27 lbs./ea. $247.00/ea. Add to Cart

II-450 Handi-Foam® (450 board ft.) w/Handi-Gun® , 9-1/2' Hoses & 8 Nozzles 1 ea. 41 lbs./ea. $372.00/ea.
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II-1350 Handi-Foam® (1350 board ft.) w/Handi-Gun® , 15' Hoses &

8 Nozzles (arrives in 2 cases)

1 ea. 116 lbs./ea.
(58 lbs/case)
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