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How To: Preventing Cold Floors above basements and crawl spaces

Insulation to prevent cold floors.Handi-Foam® is the ideal solution to preventing cold floors located above unheated spaces. Basements and crawl spaces are rarely well insulated. All that cold migrates through the floor above and stays there, drawing warmth away from the heated spaces and reducing the sense of comfort for the occupants.

Its well established that even if the air temperature in a home or commercial structure is warm, standing on a cold floor will leaves people feeling chilly and uncomfortable. Use an E84 Spray Foam kit to disconnect the floors from all that cold air underneath. Easy to apply in an overhead application and much more efficient than fiberglass batts, a mere 1-2 application of Handi-Foam® between the floor joists allows floors to warm up. Use the included Fan Spray Nozzles to quickly and evenly spray a foam blanket of R-7 per inch of insulation. Unlike Fiberglass insulation Handi-Foam® is impervious to moisture, wont sag and is a complete barrier to insects, mold and mildew.


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