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How To: Metal Building Insulation

Metal Building InsulationSpray foam insulation is the only truly effective method for insulating a metal building. The traditional method, Fiberglas batts with a separate vapor barrier, is not capable of providing a complete air seal or vapor barrier. During humid conditions many metal buildings suffer from sweating that actually causes water to drip from the ceiling. This moisture will damage the structure and promote the growth of mold and mildew inside and behind the insulation. Handi-Foam® E-84 Two-Component kits will allow you to completely Insulate and seal the entire structure. Spray foam will not only provide up to R-7 insulation per inch but serve as a vapor barrier as well. For colder areas that need more insulation a combination of 1” of Handi-Foam® applied to the interior and then covered with a 6” fiberglass batt will yield an R-25 while eliminating all concerns for air infiltration, sweating and growth of unhealthy molds.

To calculate the number of kits needed to do your job divide the total square feet to be sprayed by the board feet of the Handi Foam kit.

Example: 20’ x 60’ area = 1200 square feet. Divide 1200 S.F. by our II-605 Kit (605 board foot kit) = 1.98 kits needed or essentially 2 of the 605 kits with a little left over for touch ups if needed. This calculation is based on achieving a consistent 1” depth of cured foam. Please see this video for an illustration of the proper spraying technique for insulating a metal building using a Handi-Foam® kit and one of the supplied fan spray nozzles attached to the Handi-Gun® Dispenser.

Watch the video.


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