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How To: Insulating closed cavities in walls

It's not unusual to encounter an older building with little or no insulation in the walls. For customers who want to enjoy the benefits of SPF in an older space but donít want to tear down the interior walls Handi-Flow® is the answer. Handi-Flow® is a product specifically designed for insulating closed cavities. Handi-Flow Pour In Place formula can allow even older homes or commercial spaces to enjoy the comfort and savings that only proper wall insulation like SPF can provide. These benefits can be achieved easily, only a few small holes in each cavity space are required for proper installation.

To learn more about how to insulate closed wall cavities please open the PDF below:

How To: Insulating Closed Cavities in Walls using Handi-Flow® Two-Component Kits (pdf,12k))

If you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it here.

To calculate the number of kits needed to do your job follow these guidelines.

Example: 16” (1.25 ft) wide and 9 ft tall between the wall studs. Total area between the wall studs = 11.25 square feet. Multiply the square footage of the wall cavity times the depth of the cavity in inches. In our example the wall is constructed with 2 x 4’s and the cavity depth is 3-1/2 inches. Multiply 11.25 S.F. x 3.5 as the cavity depth in inches and your board feet per cavity will equal 39.38 board feet. If you calculate the number of wall cavities you want to fill x the board feet per cavity you can determine the number of kits you will need to finish your job. Our largest kit the 2-43 has 600 board feet capacity. This would enable you to fill approximately 15 of the wall cavities described in the example above. Please see this video for an illustration of how Handi-Flow® Pour in Place will rise and fill an enclosed space such as a wall cavity.

Watch the video.


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